Saturday, 23 November 2013

There will be a spate of posts soon when I upload all I have been making in a current swap - I think I have gone a bit OTT! At the moment though i have a necklace I made for MYSELF (that is very rare for me!) in an evening - there are small faults with it (as I am still learning) but over all I am really pleased with it

The photos look like the three strands are tangled - as when I was taking the photos I thought they were unable to be untangled - however have just picked it up - and they are not tangled - so goodness knows what happened! There are over 700 of the little beads on there - hope to get better at that oneday! Photo of the clasp - as I struggle with doing clasps - but actually was really chuffed with this one. Due to a mistake and some needed alteration the necklace ended up too short to fit round my beck - so the three big jumprings on either side of the clasp are to solve that, all three strands are actually one length of wire - strung through the clasp and the bead by the clasp to give the look of three strands.

Forgive the background - I was also photographing some christmas ornaments I have received.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Make a bag swap

The latest swap I have been involved in was "make a purse [american name of bag] and fill it" I signed up hoping to be able to knit a bag - but putting both knitting and sewing (although VERY new at using machine) down to make it easier for the organiser to find me a partner - wouldn't you know it - I was matched with someone who did NOT want knitted - it had to be sewn, not only that but her favourite material was vintage (not my cup of tea at all) AND she wanted it to be a project bag which meant pockets, and lots of them!!

After spending a few days thinking ARGH how on earth am I going to do this and make her something she will like - I decided I just had to get on with it! I looked on the internet and found a McCalls pattern for a project bag with lots of pockets, ordered some fabric covered in pink flowers (anyone who KNOWS me knows how much that is just NOT my style - so I hope I chose good fabric!) and some polka dot (which was better - but still pink!) and lots of thread (I got through three whole spools!) Anyhow - about 10 hours of fabric cutting and 40 hours of sewing (also unpicking/resewing/ironing etc) later, lots of blood (from pricking my fingers), some sweat (through frustration) - and yes, even the odd tear - the pink project tote was FINALLY finished, and I have to say - for once - I am actually proud of something I have made! The recipient has not received it yet - so I am still very anxious as to whether she is going to like it - but I hope so, I really do!

Anyhow - without further ado, here are the pics :D

For every bit of fabric I cut - I had to cut either interfacing or fleece - some of it was iron on - then I ran out of iron on and could only get sew in - so most of the pieces have been sewn at least twice! There are 13 pockets all together - three on front and back, 1 on outside of sides 1 on inside of sides and then the gingham on the inside is 2 pockets on one side - and one big pocket on the other.

I also made a Doctor Who cross stitch to go on an iPad cover I had purchased for her - which was glued on and then painted over the glue with black Acrylic paint.

I knitted and lined a pouch for her to keep some crafting supplies in - she also likes the cute fabric like the lining,

Lastly I made her a fun little keyring from Hama beads :D

I have different projects to update on here - but this will do for tonight - hope you enjoy :D


Hello and welcome to my new blog! Blog's and I have a funny relationship - I tend to get fed up of them after a while - and stop posting, only to create a different one in the future! This one I am hoping to stick to however - even if I do have long periods between posting.

The whole point of my blog is for somewhere to share my crafts other than on Facebook, so those who want to see them can do, and those who don't want to don't need to! I welcome comments, and am happy for constructive criticism, although a lot of the time I am already aware of the faults lol! I will be trying however - to not talk negatively about everything I post - but to leave it up to you to decide whether you like it or not.

That said - I WILL be posting creative criticism myself and telling where I could have done things better - as this will help me to learn and improve in the future.

Many thanks for taking the time to look / read :)