Friday, 10 January 2014

Soaps and Candles

So - for a while now I have been wanting to get into soap / candle making. In early January I made a trip to HobbyCraft and they had a soap making kit and a candle making kit on sale - so I bought each of them. I then proceeded to stock up on some other items such as essential oils  - and scour our cupboards for things to include - this is what I ended up with:

Christmas soaps - soap base with Cinnamon and Orange essential oils and crushed / a couple of whole cloves

Christmas candles - same recipe as above but without whole cloves and only a spinkle of ground.
Lavender soap - soap base with dried lavender - if I were to do this again I would reduce the amount of lavender it contains - my thought for putting so much in was two fold - first it would be an exfoliater and secondly if you were having a bath how lovely to have lavender in your bath, but I think I went a bit OTT!

I bought some little trays from The Range - and made Christmas presents for aunts and mother.

This is what the final product looked like before it was covered in clingfilm and wrapped

I enjoyed doing this so much when I got home from Christmas I ordered some 'proper' supplies as oppose to a kit so there will be more soaps and candles to see soon! 

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