Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sunshine swap

The latest swap I did was a "Send a box of sunshine" swap. Just what I needed in this dismal weather!!! The point was to send a box of sunshine coloured things. I used both yellow and orange - as they both remind me of sunshine!

Firstly some soaps. These are lemon scented, orange on bottom, yellow on top - and each contain a few yellow coloured heart shaped beads for added interest. I added olive oil into the melt and pour base for these - so hopefully they will be lovely and moisturising :)

(Sorry for the shocking photo - I was desperately trying to get the box packed while I took them - and didn't realise that they would blend into the background so much!

Some candles (about tea light sized) I am pretty sure these are Jasmine scented - but I can't remember 100% - yes I know that is awful!

Then some jewellery - similar to styles I have made in the past - but with slight differences. First, the necklace - using dagger beads, silver seperators and using crimp beads to keep them in position whilst showing of the funky crimped wire! The dagger beads are a transparent yellow colour - this photo doesnt show the colour well!

Earrings - the same as I made myself for my cousin's birthday party - but using the yellow dagger beads - this picture is pretty spot on colourwise.
And lastly a bracelet - made using Citrine chips.

The parcel is currently on its way to America - I really hope my partner likes what I have sent!

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