Monday, 7 April 2014

Box of Colour

Oops I have to apologise - after promising photos life got hectic and I did not get on to post them! I will rectify that immediately! :D

Firstly - a bit of news. I will no longer be posting on Facebook when I post things on here. If you are interested in keeping up to date with what I craft, there is a box over there >>> to enter your email address and you will receive an email when I update. Please feel free to leave comments here too :)

So - this post will show what I created for the Box of Colour swap. The col,our my partner chose was orange - and said she liked the combination of it with turquoise

I made a bag with an elasticated top - and padded handles. I couldn't get a great picture of it - but this shows the basics!

Outside of the bag
Inside of the bag - plus pocket. 
while I was making this bag - I learnt several lessons - but in particular how to add the lining properly. I actually had to unpick most of my stitches as I had sewn the lining to the outer before putting them together. As I am still very new to sewing I am finding I struggle with understanding the pattern instructions - so every thing I make is helping me learn more and more!

Then I made this box - it took me many many hours! The box started as just a plain wooden box. I painted it in the orange colour, then stuck every single one of the orange and blue gems on with glue!!!! Then I glued a butterfly to the front, and made the legs. I had big wooden beads to make the feet - but they were painted and had a shiny glaze - so when I tried painting them orange - it did not stick. I then spent a couple of hours filing them to get all the pattern and glaze off before painting them again, and sticking felt to the bottom of them. I did not get a picture of the inside - but the top and bottom of the inside were lined with more orange felt.
From the front - the legs were glued on in a diamond formation to be different - and it was still well balanced.

The pattern I did on the top.
 A simple strung bead bracelet - this was TINY - and I am amazed it fit her - but I made it to the sizes she gave me, and double / triple checked - so it should have done!

 This was meant to be an 'orange' shaped and scented candle - but the orange colour did not come out as an 'orange' orange - so it ended up just being and orange coloured / scented round candle.

`Shrinkydinks!!!! These are really made for children (but often used on Craftster!) - they are sheets of plastic you draw an image on / colour in - then back in the oven, they shrink in size and thicken so are great for making jewellery. She is obsessed with orange cats - I had tried several mediums before settling on the shrinkydinks - but they all came out wrong. I traced the cat from the internet.

A bag charm or keyring made from orange and turquoise glass beads and some silver coloured metal charms.
 An orange semi precious stone which I strung onto some wire - made the spirals and attached to a necklace (she had a LOT of necklaces etc on her pinterest and specified it as something she would love to receive - hence making two!)
 And this is the piece de resistance - and the item of which I am most proud - an orange and turquoise peyote beaded bracelet. I made the pattern for this myself.

Showing the whole bracelet

Showing the bracelet closed and the fastening.

I think I will be doing another post in a minute - but hope you have enjoyed this one - again, if you want to know when I update please enter your email address in the box to the right!

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