Monday, 7 April 2014

Some random jewellery

Here is some jewellery I have been making - some for myself, some for other people - but not for swaps.

I joined my local WI this month. I have wanted to for a while - but they have always been too far away. We recently acquired a community centre just for our estate - and one was set up there last year - I emailed to ask about joining and was assured that a lot of the members were my sort of age - so I joined, the first meeting was last wednesday and was fabulous! We played bingo with chocolate for prizes - and I got a full house - winning a big Thorntons egg! I had made some jewellery to put in the raffle - but they were doing a special 'easter' raffle - I will just take it next month!

The first is another necklace made from dagger beads:

Some really simple, but effective, earrings:
 A simple strung bracelet:

I spent 5 nights in hospital at the beginning of March - while I was there I did some jewellery making to keep myself occupied. I made myself this purple bracelet - the big beads are round glass ones, and the bobbly bits between them are three small glass beads:

A purple and red bracelet - again for me! I did not have my fastenings with me when I made this - so I created my own fastening out of wire.

One of the other patients saw me making bracelets - and jokingly said I could make her one - so I did, when I gave her this she commented on how much she loved the red, as she did not have a red bracelet (apparently she loves beaded bracelets and has a lot)... I made her a proper red one!

Lastly, a fun clip for myself - I am planning on making a couple in my current swap - and had never played with the clip base - so I made this for myself to experiment

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