Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I am currently organising my first swap on Craftster - been a steep learning curve - but think i've done ok! This is one of the parcels I sent - the other has not been received yet so not posting pics until it is!

A pretty brooch I beaded. I used a large red glass bead and surrounded it by little glass ones sewn on peyote style. :)


Orange has the project for both people in - so you'll have to wait for that!


Yellow was supposed to be a button bracelet - but I lost it before I was ready to send - so ended up sending this citrine and hematite bracelet instead

Green was this embroidered and beaded pillow (tiny pillow - few inches by few inches) and added green beads to:


Blue was my favourite thing I made! It was the first time I had made anything more complicated than a pillow cover without using a pattern / closely following instructions. Although I used a pattern to get the shape of the bag - the rest was all mine - it is the same pattern as my 'orange' bag I posted earlier on this blog - so you can see how changed it was!

Indigo and violet I kind of mixed together and created two purple things! I made this hair clip and this beaded peace pendant:

The last item is: Rainbow - doesn't need to be a rainbow - but use rainbow colours. However my partner really likes rainbows and buttons - so I made her a rainbow button hoopla:

We end this transmission with a question for you to please answer and help me out! I'd like to know what you would like to see on the blog to make it more interesting for you to read? 

Have a good day :)

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